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Happy Day Floral Car Seat Covers

Happy Day Floral Car Seat Covers

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Brighten up your car with our Happy Day Floral Car Seat Covers! These fun, funky and oh-so-colorful florals will have you dancing for joy and reaching for the tequila! Worry not - they're as tough as they are cheerful, for a stylish and sturdy ride in any weather. It's car couture like no other!

We create Funky & Fun!

  • Set of 2 high-quality polyester micro-fibre fabric designed for durability & comfort
  • Add funky & fun to your seats, while protecting them from stains, spills, fading etc.
  • Designed for quick & easy installation on most car and SUV bucket-style seats - no tools required
  • Elastic lining featuring a fastening system of two elastic hook straps that attach for a secure & snug fit
  • Not for use on seats with integrated airbags, seatbelts or armrests.
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