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Funky Fun Doodles Car Seat Covers

Funky Fun Doodles Car Seat Covers

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Slip into some seriously funky fun with our Funky Fun Doodles Car Seat Covers! Not only do they keep your car seats protected from spills and stains, but the vibrant and colorful pattern is sure to brighten any road trip. The perfect gift-giving accessory, these covers add a bit of pizzazz to your ride! Let's get wild and doodle-y!

We create Funky & Fun!

  • Set of 2 high-quality polyester micro-fibre fabric designed for durability & comfort
  • Add funky & fun to your seats, while protecting them from stains, spills, fading etc.
  • Designed for quick & easy installation on most car and SUV bucket-style seats - no tools required
  • Elastic lining featuring a fastening system of two elastic hook straps that attach for a secure & snug fit
  • Not for use on seats with integrated airbags, seatbelts or armrests.
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